About the Students

Charity Barton

The story begins with an only child of a single mother and a very hands-on father. Born in Georgia, she’s now a senior at the University of Tulsa; majoring in Communications or in Media Studies. Her graduating class has the option between the two, which means they’ll pick whichever sounds best. Charity has a minor in Spanish and a projected minor in advertising. She studied abroad in the fall of 2017 in Spain.

With this experience she gained a passion for traveling and a deeper love for the Communications industry. Armed with humor and dedication we find Charity pursuing NPR.

Victoria Ribiero

I am a strategic communications major with plans of double majoring in journalism. Although strategic communication was my first love and being a publicist was my dream job, the more I begin to develop an urge to be the voice of the unheard and ignored pushes me to pursue journalism. As for my hobbies I enjoy traveling, photography, shopping and managing a healthy lifestyle. In my spare time, I design websites and graphic/video production for small businesses/brands and create content online.

Victor Pozadas

I am an eager journalist ready to get to work pretty much. I’ve been writing and shooting photos from the day I declared my major, which has led me to some amazing opportunities. I was born in California, but was raised in Bolivia, which is in the heart of South America. I love my culture and hope to bring a bit of charm and diversity anywhere I go. I love music, I love people, I just like to write.

Savannah Mehler

I’m a 20 year old college student who wanted to drop out a year in. As a teen I was raised on the south west side of Oklahoma City where graduates’ main priorities were work and family. I was plagued with this also until I was given the opportunity to work at my school. It was like I was given a fresh start in college, and a purpose in life. I write almost everyday, and spend time with amazing people with the same interests as me (politics, and news).

Zoe Travers

I’ve lived most of my life in Oklahoma, and I try to immerse myself in the community. In my free time, I attend local concerts and plays, listen to music, and watch films. I have a guilty pleasure of watching cooking shows. My personal favorite hobby is getting really excited every time I see a dog in public. I collect pins and patches from interesting places I’ve been, everywhere from an interesting thrift store down the street to the Louvre.